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What can you do to be sustainable?

On the occasion of today's Global Recycling Day, I would like to talk about recycling.

There are so many raw materials and valuable substances in our waste that can be recycled. That's why it's important to really separate waste. This creates a cycle that protects our environment. However, it is just as important not to create so much waste in the first place. This includes not simply throwing everything away.

This is where the term "sustainability" comes in. But what does it really mean? There are many different statements on this, but basically it is an ecological, economic and social principle of action that aims to secure and improve the living conditions of the present without depriving future generations of their livelihood. Sustainability includes, among other things, the responsible use of resources. Especially in today's society with its high consumption and therefore high energy consumption, this is a really important topic that should be brought back into focus.

Every purchase generates waste that has to be disposed of at great expense using energy. However, not all waste is the same and thanks to modern recycling processes, many things find their way back to us - whether in their old or completely new guise.

"Recycling" basically refers to the reuse of waste and thus the return of raw materials that can still be used into the economic cycle. The aim is to minimize the amount of waste and at the same time reduce the consumption of resources. The most important recycling materials include plastics, gas, paper, cardboard and iron.

Overview of tips for avoiding waste:

  • Cloth bags instead of plastic bags

  • Tap water instead of plastic bottles

  • No packaging in the packaging

  • Better to share than buy everything alone: "Collaborative consumption"

  • Quality instead of quantity

  • Sell old appliances

  • Glass instead of cups in the supermarket

  • Swapping instead of buying

  • Print less

  • Refill instead of buying new

  • Coffee to go in your own cup

  • Reusable packaging instead of aluminum foil

  • Upcycling instead of downcycling

Thanks to many "do it yourself" enthusiasts, upcycling is fortunately very popular.

Old materials are given a new function and the newly created recyclate has been upgraded in quality compared to the original product. Who hasn't seen and tried many DIY instructions on Pinterest & Co. I love upcycling and have converted old wine crates into shoe racks, for example. But it's not just in the furniture industry that the topic has become increasingly important. Upcycling has also become an integral part of the fashion industry.

I want to pass on the importance of recycling to the future generation. For example, when I made pancakes with RoLa again last week, we made a tetrapack guitar (no advertising ;-)) from a empty milk carton. You can find the instructions at the end here.

Tetrapack Gitarre DIY Anleitung
Download PDF • 140KB

What do you think about sustainability and what do you think of upcycling? Yours

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