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You don't know which patches express your personality?
No problem. Here you can do a little test,
which patches suit you.

Kork Patch by PATCHRAUSCH | Traumrausch

What is most important to you in life? 

A: Humour
B: Creativity 

C: Realism


Do you want to make a statement with your outfit?

A: Yes, definitely, clothes reflect character and therefore my opinion.

B: Yes, I want to stand out

C: It doesn't have to be, but it doesn't hurt.


Do you want your clothes to show part of your personality?

A: Totally. That's why I love eye-catching slogans on my fashion.

B: For me, fashion is a form of art that I like to use.

C: Rather less, but I want it to suit me


What is important to you? 

A: Sustainability

B: Recycling 

C: Efficiency


Which shapes do you like? 

A: Clear

B: Playful

C: I don't care


What do you want the fashion piece to do for you?

A: It should highlight my personality

B: Simply make my outfit unique 

C: It should serve its purpose and dress me up

Result: Now count up which answers (A, B or C) you took the most.


Answers A: Making statements
You want to make a statement with your clothes and are not afraid to express your opinion in a humorous way. Then our slogan patches are just right for you!


Answers B: Unusual

You like to stand out and let your difference be seen. The picturesque poppy meadow patch with glamour factor and the funny 3D patches (button flaps and eye path) made from recycled products are especially suitable for you.


Answers C: Practical

You love it when items have multiple uses. You combine the beautiful with the useful. Then our bag mosaic patch and cork patchwork patch, each with storage space, are perfect for you!

Which Patch fits me?
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