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Here you will find care tips for the patches including velcro. The more often and the better you care for the products, the longer you will enjoy Patchrausch products.


Can I wash the T-shirts with Velcro (fleece)?

Wash at 30 degrees as described in the care instructions. To protect them, turn them inside out or put them in a washing net.


Can the patches be washed?

Under no circumstances should you put the patches in the washing machine. It is best to clean the surface of the cork fabric with cold water. Do not use detergents as they may damage the cork surface.


How do I clean the Velcro fastener (hook) on the back of the patches?

You should not wash the patches in the washing machine, but the hooks can be cleaned using various methods!


Different methods for cleaning the hook and loop patches:


1. roll over the back of the patch with a lint roller. Lay the Velcro flat and hold it on one side, then roll over the surface a few times.


2. Collect the lint with a strip of tape (palm size). Lay the Velcro flat and press the tape on it as hard as you can, then hold it firmly on one side and pull it off the other side to pull the lint out of the fastener.


3. Brush the Velcro with a hard toothbrush. Lay the Velcro flat and brush out the lint from one side to the other with short and strong strokes, applying quite a lot of pressure.

4. The fluted edge that you normally use to tear tape off is a great scraper for Velcro. Lay the fastener flat and gently rake it from side to side with the serrations.


5. Where other tools fail, you can still use tweezers. Lay the clasp flat and hold it at both ends. Then use the tweezers to gently pick out the lint.



6. Spray the Velcro with an anti-static spray before use. Such a spray can prevent excessive lint from getting into the Velcro.



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