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Kork Patch Mohnwiese by Traumrausch
Kork Patch DONT TOUCH | Patchrausch


With Patchrausch you have the possibility to temporarily dock your different messages (motto, logo etc.) via cork patch (vegan leather) on the favourite pieces of your customers/employees. All Patches have the same size (12x12 cm) and fit on different Exchange Basics. The patches can be easily exchanged with velcro in a few seconds according to your mood, occasion or with friends.

18 cork patches

  • 3 different CounterPatch Statements

  • 10 different slogan Patches

  • Poppy Meadow Patch

  • 3D Patch: eye path

  • 3D Patch: Buttonflats

  • Cork Patchwork Patch (with storage space)

  • Pocket Mosaic Patch (with storage space)


8 Swap Basics

  • Swap T-shirts for women/men/children

  • Exchange Backpack with Cork

  • Exchange Bag Multi (2 in 1)

  • Swap Bag Black and White Striped

  • Exchange Bag with Cork

  • Swap Bag Colour-Match



  • Individual patch slogan/logo (b/w) etc. on existing patch designs or designs created especially for you. various cork fabrics are available

  • Patches can be branded with your logo (b/w). Either printed directly onto the cork or instead of our PATCHRAUSCH cotton labels.

  • Your branding on the Traumrausch Snap Pap and the care labels of the Swap Basics.

  • In addition, you can place a message on our flower tag "From Stuttgart with Love" on the Swap Basic.

Kork Patches Mengenabnahme

Innovative Give aways

You want to have an innovative give away for your customers? Then we have very special and high-quality products for you!

Kork Patch Smile by Patchrausch | 360 Grad Service

All-round service

From design to shipping. You don't have to worry about anything!

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