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Charity in everyday life

Hello heroes,

Today I would like to take the infamous Valentine's Day as an opportunity to take a look at charity. Valentine's Day is a day in the world on which many lovers take the opportunity to give each other gifts. But the economy is certainly the happiest. Can't you tell each other that you love each other every day? Sometimes unexpected gestures are more valuable and appreciated than gifts on planned days. The pressure to give the perfect gift on the expected days is so high that it's almost impossible to achieve "the ultimate". Gifts in everyday life can also make someone's day better. It doesn't take much to do something good for someone.

During RoLa's adventure, they also receive unexpected help from a stranger. Milev helps the siblings to find their way in this strange world and to discover the cause of the swapped body parts. Without the support of Milev and the other inhabitants of the village of Nadaluf, my dear siblings Roy and Lazzy would be lost. They immediately experience charity in the form of hospitality, great willingness to help and simply support. Especially as an aunt, I am glad that there are still such helpful and friendly people around.

"You only make friends when you are one yourself."

I also recently had a great encounter that many would not see as so significant. But I don't take something like that for granted. I was running late again and really wanted to catch a train to get to an appointment on time. Before that, I had to buy a ticket. No sooner said than done, I grabbed my seven things and ran to the platform. It was very loud at the station due to various sources of noise. Some people were running in front of and behind me, criss-crossing. When I finally arrived at the platform, the train had just pulled in. Phew, lucky me, I thought. The next moment, an exhausted man tapped me on the shoulder. He was completely out of breath and I didn't understand what he wanted. He held out a ticket to me the whole time. I nodded to him and said he could use the ticket for this train. He wanted me to take the ticket and not get on the train myself. I thanked him but said no, as I had a ticket myself. When he finally got his voice back, I just wanted to hug him, but I was so perplexed and the train wouldn't wait either. It turned out that it was MY ticket and I had forgotten it in the ticket machine. I was right in front of him and when he realized that my ticket was still there, he ran after me the whole way. I would have liked to have given him more than just the word "thank you" because he simply saved my day. Many people would have pocketed the ticket and not cared about my fate.

There I was, sitting on the train with my ticket in my hand and a big smile on my face. I was so satisfied and happy about this great fellow human being. That was not a matter of course and was simply wonderful!

That's why I'd like to let you know that in addition to Valentine's Day, today is also International Give a Book Day and Ferris Wheel Day. Tip: Traumrausch is giving away the atypical children's book on the occasion of Give a Book Day "ROLA Erlebnisbuch". >>The give away is already over!<<

In your opinion, when is charity good and when should we be careful? Yours

For more pictures of my experiences with RoLa (nephew & niece) please visit my Instagram profile.

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