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Distance in times of the pandemic

Our society is currently changing very dramatically. It is now right and good to keep your distance from other people. Who would have ever thought that? You hear the new in-word "social distancing" everywhere, but shouldn't we be seeking social proximity right now in times like these? Physical distance doesn't have to mean psychological distance, does it? I think it's important to dare to be social. I think the word "physical distancing" is much more appropriate. One in three of us lives alone and is therefore now sitting alone within our own four walls. In the end, what remains of all the impressions that are always just a click away despite the pandemic? Am I also a participant, as in an otherwise personal encounter, or not simply a one-dimensional spectator?

"Alone you are strong, together unbeatable"

During this crisis, it is particularly important to stay positive and keep a smile on your face. It doesn't do anyone any good if everyone sits alone in their apartment and pure fear spreads through all of us. It's important that you take the positives out of this situation and spend time doing things that you otherwise don't have time for in your normal everyday life.

Empathy is also extremely helpful in these difficult times to feel close to society. It's the small gestures in everyday life that bring people closer together. Whether it's going shopping for an elderly neighbor, volunteering at the hospital or in the supermarket.

Staying in constant contact with friends and families by phone also helps people to cope better with mutual isolation and to gain new energy and confidence. Encouraging each other, changing each other's minds and supporting each other emotionally are the most important mottos in our current situation.

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But it is also necessary to take care of yourself so that your charisma energizes other people. It is also important to strengthen your own immune system so that you can better fight off viruses and bacteria. A healthy diet, plenty of sleep and exercise play a major role in this.

In addition, the forced deceleration of society is an opportunity for each individual to reflect on whether their current life is the right one or whether mindfulness is important in order to cope with stressful everyday life. To ask yourself the questions: Am I happy? Does my job fulfill me? What do I want in my life? What is important to me?

Our stressful everyday lives often prevent us from dealing with these questions, as they are not so easy to answer. But only a conscious examination of these topics can spark a thought process within us and perhaps give us an answer.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Greetings from my home.


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