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Beginning of all things: Sibling love

Dear heroes of the sun! First of all, welcome to our world. I am glad that you are here. Let me introduce myself: my name is Elly and I am the aunt of the RoLa sibling duo (you don't know my nephew and niece and their adventures yet? You can find out more here). I'm a Stuttgart girl who doesn't have any kids of her own yet, but enjoys spending time with her sister's kids while working. I see myself more as a great friend and advisor for her and not as a PANK (professional aunt no kids). I would like to go on a thought journey with you and talk about the topics of family, friendship and stereotypes that concern me, especially from the perspective of being an aunt. In addition, I want to share with you, for example, delicious recipes and fun do-it-yourself tutorials. I will try to take you on my thought journey once every week from now on. This is my personal take on things, but I'm open to other perspectives in the process.

Today I would like to start by explaining how Traumrausch and RoLa came about and why the bond of siblings is unbeatable. The RoLa inventors are a sibling duo who know the typical quarrels among siblings from their own experience. They grew up as a foursome and experienced the squabbles over sweets etc. first hand. It certainly didn't hurt you. On the contrary. You know what it means to go through thick and thin with someone, not to give up and to defend what you love. Through these experiences, the trust in each other has grown to infinity.

Typical siblings

Some siblings don't see this bond right away. My sister Rodra and I also often fought over little things. For example, we couldn't play board games as a pair because we both had different rules in our heads and neither wanted to deviate from theirs. To the chagrin of the parents. My sister also has to experience this with her children RoLa. At home, they just argue.

Sibling love: They loved each other until it hurt
Sibling love: They loved each other until it hurt

But when they feel threatened by someone outside the family, they stick together like peas and carrots. Blood unites, but it's through loyalty that sibling love shows itself. I'm so glad RoLa are sticking together on this adventure. As an aunt, of course I worry about them, but I'm glad they have each other.

When siblings argue, it's like breaking porcelain. When they stick together, it's like armoured glass
When siblings argue, it's like breaking porcelain. When they stick together, it's like armoured glass

Many siblings see each other as competitors and often only realize in adulthood what they have in each other. In childhood, they are just annoying and take everything away. I think it's important that children realize at an early age that cohesion can make a big difference. Not only for the family, but also for the entire environment. My mother had already told us back then that you can only develop extraordinary powers together. Through this cohesion, the power of the individual also becomes stronger.

Family sayings

Here are some family sayings that you can send to your family members/friends.

Do you also have siblings and was it similar for you? Feel free to write me in the comments or via Instagram.


For more pictures of my experiences with RoLa (nephew & niece), feel free to check out my Instagram profile.

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