Familiensymbol Hornweih, Hornweihpower

Power + Courage + Cohesion

The HORNWEIH is the special family symbol of the Roge family of our title characters RoLa. The whole family has them in different places on their bodies. While Lazzy has her own HORNWEIH on her head, Roy has a small HORNWEIH on each shoulder.


HORNWEIH stands for strength, courage and cohesion. The horn symbolises the extraordinary power of freedom and self-confidence. On the other hand, the antlers embody courage and strength. The initials "RR" at the lower end of the horn stand for the Roge family and thus for the cohesion within a family to be able to develop indescribable powers together.


This is also shown by the fact that it can also change its appearance slightly depending on its strength. More about this in the ROLA Adventure book.