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Lazzy & Roy (RoLa)

Lazzy & Roy (RoLa)

Here are our siblings Roy & Lazzy and together they are RoLa. Lazzy is the younger sister, but she is wild, loud and loves to mess with her brother. Roy is very annoyed that he is always being teased by his sister and he has no peace from her. They seem very different and can't be in the same room for long without fighting. Though, they can't be without each other, but of course they would never admit this to the other. The two of them end up in an adventure and in a world where they look different. In the process, they also discover the good sides of each other and that cohesion can really do everything.


Rodra & Walf


Matt & Tom

These are the parents of Roy and Lazzy. They call their children dream team RoLa. They both want RoLa to stick together more, fight less, and appreciate each other more. They are not there for RoLa's adventure, but they know it will open their mindset.



He is the first person RoLa meets in their adventure far from home. Milev's body parts were also swapped in the adventure. He is the only one whose language has also changed. At first glance he seems scary to RoLa, but he is very kind. Milev becomes a loyal friend during the adventure and RoLa are so thankful for him. Through him, they learn not to give up and that different strengths together can trigger unbeatable forces.



Olidi is a person who helps RoLa in their adventures. Olidi owns a inn in the foreign Nadaluf, where RoLa end up. Olidi is a lovable personality with great cooking skills and a kind of parent substitute for RoLa, far from home. With Olidi, RoLa meet a person who does not want to be reduced to gender. That's why Olidi doesn't reveal the gender, because she/he doesn't want to be restricted in her/his own actions. Olidi wants to do what she/he wants and not be judged by society. Through Olidi they learn that different characters make the world more colorful and it is important to go your own way. In the end what counts is that you be yourself, happy and satisfied.


Tante Elly


She is the aunt of Roy and Lazzy and observes the colorful life of RoLa. She doesn't have children of her own yet, but enjoys spending time with the kids from her brother. She also writes about her experiences with RoLa on her blog and posts on Instagram. She is a cosmopolitan and confident woman who has spent several years traveling to different continents. By getting to know different cultures and people, she has learned to look at different point of views to form an opinion.

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