"You are strong alone, but together unbeatable."

RoLa tauschen durch Zusammenhalt und Hornweihpower

The ROLA WORLD wants to be an encouragement and at the same time an inspiration to give more space to one's own instincts, because imperfect is the new perfect and unique is the new modern!


The ROLA WORLD has the aim to give the children the musthave for a satisfied and self-confident life in the future. Basic trust strengthens the children's self-confidence and forms a stable foundation for happiness. From this, self-love and acceptance for all different people can emerge. Self-confident and happy children accept other people more quickly without prejudice and are open to new things. This can lead to new perspectives which can give society a positive development. More happiness makes the dream work and creates a peaceful society.


The ROLA characters are perfect for identification, so that a reflection surface is created and they experience a developmental journey with the title characters. Through the characters, they experience the perspective of unlimited possibilities to get to know colours of freedom and ideally to reflect on their behaviour. The ROLA WORLD wants to convey the feeling of freedom in life, because this gives the possibility to change and to take different paths. 


The world of the siblings RoLa (Roy & Lazzy) is all about creativity, adventure, fun, courage, self-confidence, cohesion and sibling love. Their family symbol HORNWEIH POWER helps them to have the strength, courage and cohesion in their adventures.   

ROLA Adventurebook