Siblings RoLa take the reader into a world where everything is possible. It is an adventure full of fun, courage, team spirit and the magic of Hornweih Power.

After one of their usual fights, Roy and Lazzy (together RoLa) end up in another time. They don’t know where they are, and their bodies look different than before. Everything is all muddled up. They want to go back home, but that’s not at all easy. Trying to understand the reason for all this, they find help from new friends. RoLa get to know themselves and feel the bond of their love for one another. They realize that they can succeed only if they work together. The power of their family’s symbol, the Hornweih, has an important role to play in this, too. New friendships show RoLa that different personalities can complement each other, and that it is diversity that makes the world an exciting place. Everyone is acceptable when everybody is willing to accept people how they are. In their new reality, they experience how easy life is without prejudice. But the question remains: can RoLa find their way back home – and do they even want to go back?


The RoLa adventure book is in black and white to invite readers to use their own imagination and design their own RoLa World. In these times of glitter and commotion, RoLa World wants to provide a space for creative readers. Here, readers can decide to be whatever they want to be. As the story unfolds, readers are encouraged to cook, eat, play, paint, draw and write down their own opinions and thoughts. Whether or not they want to share the adventures is up to the readers. However, this book offers a good opportunity for sharing and talking about the issues raised with real-life friends or siblings.


Age recommendation: Imagination knows no bounds, so no one is too old or too young for the ROLA adventure book. However, children aged 6 and older will enjoy the children's book the most, as they can help create it themselves.



Language: English

Softcover, matt, number of pages: 80

Width: 148 mm, Height: 210 mm